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Anna Uddenberg
15.06. – 13.07.18
Born in Sweden and based in Berlin, artist Anna Uddenberg (b. 1982) uses sculpture as a visual platform to explore performativity, confronting gender roles and social hierarchy in consumer culture.
In Uddenberg’s works, hyper-sexualized female figures confront the audience with extreme postures, seemingly submissive or performed under societal pressure—while actually they’re stretching, bending, overdoing themselves to disturb and reposition the viewer as an active participant. In this exhibition, accompanied by an artist book published by KALEIDOSCOPE, a recent series of non-figurative works continues to explore these topics through the concept of “comfort zone.”
Featured on the cover of the current issue of KALEIDOSCOPE, introducing the theme survey “The New Domestic Landscape,” Anna Uddenberg is part of a new generation of female artists whose practice perverts familiar forms and transgresses the codes of good taste, waiving the traditional distinction between the functional and the aesthetic, to create a disruptive, new language. In her sculptural works, ergonomic figure/object hybrids oscillate between performative armature and gaudy narco-architecture, questioning function, style, sexuality, and the tropes of female identity as mediated by consumer culture.
In the recent series of non-figurative works presented at Spazio Maiocchi, furniture becomes a proxy for architecture—the preferred site of the interaction of our bodies with the consumer agenda. Uddenberg’s objects, both alien and familiar, mesmerizing and repelling, exude the pleasure of excessive comfort reminiscent of a spa or wellness center, combining a variety of socially identifiable forms, materials and utilitarian structures to unpack the human relationship to commercial objects and re-evaluate existing normalities.


Opening Friday, 15 June 2018
6 – 10 PM
Open through 13 July 2018
By appointment only
Mon-Fri 2.30 – 6.30 PM
To book your visit, please
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