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Spazio Maiocchi
Aries x Lee Jeans
13.05. – 17.05.21

Aries has partnered with Lee Jeans to create a capsule collection of classic denim workwear, reinterpreting Lee’s signature Rider denim, 191-1 Jacket and classic workwear styles.


In Italy in the 1970s and ’80s there was a fascination with the American West, but American culture often reached the Italian public filtered through the lenses of homegrown directors like Leone and Corbucci who offered a novel image of America.


Vice versa, most of their made-in-Italy westerns were shot in the south of Italy in regions like Basilicata which are less known as travel destinations, and in turn, gave a relatively fresh slant on Italy; in these regions, there is little tourism, national or international, and viewers are reminded of how until very recently Italy and especially the south was a very different place with no industry and a high emigration toll.


This fertile ‘pastiche’ outcome was the starting point for our Lee collaboration. The denim weave patterns were inspired by classical and neoclassical sculptures on one hand and traditional Italian hand weaves like Pardi on the other, adding a historical layer to the mix. The work of Italian cult art photographer Roberto Timperi seemed perfect to capture this complex but coherent world.


Roberto’s work is known for his fly-on-the-wall documentary-style portrayal of the Italian underground, a very raw and even lesser-known Italy. He inhabits that world himself, he is friends with his subjects and for years has been documenting their delicate beauty and fragility.

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