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Darja Bajagić
11.10. – 25.11.17

KALEIDOSCOPE presents the first solo exhibition in Italy of Montenegro-born, New York-based artist Darja Bajagić (b. 1990), whose paintings at the intersection of Minimalism and digital appropriation address subjects as extreme as sex and violence, challenging the viewer’s perspective and complicating binary notions of morality.

For this exhibition, Bajagić created a new series of paintings focused on the story of Brittanee Drexel, a teenage girl who was abducted and allegedly murdered in South Carolina in 2009. Bajagić’s four paintings each employ an image of Brittanee with her friends from those that were disseminated on news media sources upon her disappearance, in which all faces except Brittanee’s were concealed with black censor bars for the sake of privacy. These images were then painted and printed over with various, quietly ominous faces of Pierrot—the naïve, ever-trusting, tragic clown—disrupting and burying whatever’s left of Brittanee’s alienated face. The paintings are then completed by a prominent framing element—gated door iron frames inspired by Russian icons that cover various lengths of the canvases, existing as additional partial-barriers, or entryways, depending on the viewer’s perspective.

Alongside the paintings, the exhibition comprises a series of new collages taken out from the artist’s private sketchbooks, which KALEIDOSCOPE is also collecting in a new artist book released on the occasion of this exhibition, together with and a capsule clothing line.

The exhibition is open by appointment from Monday to Friday. To book your visit or for any press inquiries, please email:

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