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Harmony Korine feat. Nite Owl Theater
16.06. – 23.06.19

On the occasion of Men’s Fashion Week, Gucci and KALEIDOSCOPE present a special project at Artifact, the newly opened storefront space of Spazio Maiocchi.

To celebrate the release of YUNG PALM, a special supplement to KALEIDOSCOPE’s current SS19 issue created by Harmony Korine in partnership with Gucci, art director Nayib Estefan, Korine’s close friend and founder of the Secret Celluloid Society, has been invited to transform the Artifact space into an immersive pop-up environment.

A vintage arcade-meet-videostore recreating the unique atmosphere of the Nite Owl Theater, Estefan’s moviegoing destination in Miami Design District, the installation mixes high and low, nostalgia and futurism, celebrating the escapist cinema from the late ‘80s that provided a formative influence to Korine.
Within the frame of this installation, Harmony Korine will sign copies of YUNG PALM and present a new billboard commission in the courtyard of Spazio Maiocchi.

Set in a Miami of oversaturated colors, radioactive sunsets, run-down motels, cigarette boats, trailer parks and sketchy marinas, YUNG PALM drops alongside the release of Korine’s newest joint, The Beach Bum—the second of an announced trilogy set in Miami after Spring Breakers (2012).
Furthering his fascination with South Florida’s “psycho-geography” and lysergic under-belly, the supplement celebrates the off-beat lifestyle and freedom from societal norms that have always been at the core of Korine’s unaligned art.

The unveiling of the installation follows a conversation with Korine taking place from 6.30–8 pm at Gucci Hub, drawing a close to a cinematic exhibit presented in media partnership with KALEIDOSCOPE, featuring his own masterpieces—including Gummo, Julien: Donkey Boy, Mister Lonely and Trash Humpers—alongside movies that shaped his filmmaking practice.

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Music by Sofie Fatouretchi
and 72 Hour Post Fight
8.30 – 11.30 PM


through 23 JUNE 2019
11 AM – 6.30 PM

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