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Spazio Maiocchi
Slam Jam & The Store X present Aries' WB4C feat. Jeremy Deller and David Sims
21.02. – 25.02.19

Artist Jeremy Deller and photographer David Sims team up with fashion brand Aries and conceive Wiltshire Before Christ.

Exploring the illegal raves and pagan rituals of Stonehenge, with notions of mysticism, pagan symbolism, and British identity, featuring a new film by Jeremy Deller, and a series of iconic pictures shot by Sims on the historical site.

The exhibition continues Deller’s fascination with Stonehenge, which follows the installation of his inflatable, life-sized replica, called Sacrilege – installed on the site as part of its centenary celebrations.
Brought to Spazio Maiocchi by Slam Jam in partnership with The Store X Vinyl Factory.

Thursday, 21 February 2019
6 – 9 PM

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