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Spazio Maiocchi
WIP Magazine Issue 4 Launch
12.12. – 12.12.19

Carhartt WIP’s seasonal dossier focuses on the 30th anniversary ‘Second Summer of Love’ when acid house exploded across the UK. The topic serves as a conceptual starting point, as we explore themes of artificial nostalgia, cultural excavation, and futuristic interpretations of this subculture. Conceived in collaboration with London-based artist CMP Office, who contributes visual interventions throughout, the 36-page section includes a wide-ranging interview with artist Mark Leckey, a reprint of Gavin Hills’ 1991 article for The Face titled, ‘Whatever Happened to the Likely Lads?’, and a future-facing essay from OMSK Social Club, the Berlin collective at the forefront of Europe’s cryptorave movement.

12 December
From 6 to 9 pm (rsvp via
via Achille Maiocchi 7, Milano (IT)

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