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Spreads 01
04.06. – 09.06.19

Artifact present Spreads 01 by Piotr Niepsuj. The opening event will have music selected by Jim C. Nedd and Heith (Haunter Records).

‘It took me 34 years to get to Tokyo and it was a dream. I was walking down the streets and couldn’t believe it. I was seeing what I knew from the photos of Araki and Moriyama. Actually, even if my photos have nothing to do with his, in my head, I was naively feeling like little Moriyama – “hunting” around town with my newly acquired camera, finally a digital point-and-shoot camera that was not letting me down. I was so happy. For the first time in a while I was excited to do something, to be there, to photograph and to… eat miso soup in Japan. Miso soup in Japan! What a life! While still in Tokyo I ordered online Moriyama’s Record (*) – a book that collects the first 30 issues of his cult publication. The volume arrived home in Milan the day after I returned. Record was “a little magazine” that “would serve as an ongoing visual diary, which would surface whenever he chooses”. Moriyama, as he recounts in 2006, “came out with the self- published photo journal back in 1972”, at the time he “was busy with all sorts of work for magazines” and he said that he “shouldn’t let himself be carried away by it”. All this felt weirdly familiar and if that wasn’t enough in 1972 Daido Moriyama was 34. Just like me today! That was it, I wanted to have my own Record – not a zine, neither a book. A magazine! It just seemed right.’ (Piotr Niepsuj)


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